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  • Silverajan, B.; Luoma, J.-P.; Vajaranta, M.; Itäpuro, R.; Lindholm-Ventola, H. (2014)
    In recent years however, the home has rapidly emerged as a natural convergence point for emerging technological developments and innovations. The smart home of tomorrow is expected to be an integral industrial and commercial ...
  • Rantasalo, Sami Petteri (2015-01-14)
    Good handle, drape and flexibility are valued when assessing textiles. These properties are manifestations of fabric behaviour under low stress. Yarn and fabric properties are influenced by the constitutive fibre properties. ...
  • Määttä, Tuomas (2015-01-14)
    Diplomityön tavoitteena oli kuvata yleisellä tasolla niitä seikkoja, jotka vaikuttavat keskikokoisen yrityksen tarpeeseen päivittää oman konesalin palvelinten varmistusjärjestelmä, sekä mitä järjestelmän uusinnassa ...
  • Åkerblom, Markku (2014-12)
    Proceedings of the Inverse Days 2014 conference organized in Tampere 9th - 11th December 2014. This document contains the schedule of the conference, the list of participants and the abstracts of the talks given at the conference.
  • Uusitalo, Topi Eevertti (2015-01-14)
    The high frequency signals from difference frequency generation (DFG) have found several promising and interesting applications in the recent years. This has promoted great interest in the design of the sources for DFG. ...

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