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  • Uhlmann, Stefan (2007-06-06)
    Many systems have been proposed for automatic description and indexing of digital data, for posterior retrieval. One of such content-based indexing-and-retrieval systems, and the one used as a framework in this thesis, is ...
  • Zhao, Zimo (2014-11-05)
    The master's thesis is based on a Finnish open competition called: Tampere Academy of Music Building Extension which is held in the winter 2013/2014. The purpose of the competition is to find a design for an extension to ...
  • Lääperi, Tuomas (2014-11-05)
    An optimal performance of process controllers and control loops is essential for process economy as well as process quality. The increased cost of energy and raw material as well as customer demand for quality requirements ...
  • Munawar, Mustafa Ahmad Jr (2014-11-05)
    Lignocellulose is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin. Lignocellulose is abundant in nature and hence an attractive low cost feedstock for bioprocesses such as biofuel production. Bioproduction initially ...
  • Tiihonen, Juha (2014-11-05)
    Ulkoisen sähkökentän vaikutusta kvanttimekaaniseen kuvaukseen mallinnetaan käyttämällä polarisoituvuutta, jonka eri komponentit kuvaavat myös aineen optisia ominaisuuksia. Näistä staattinen dipolipolarisoituvuus α sekä ...

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