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  • Davidson, Pavel (2013-11-15)
    Personal positioning is a challenging topic in the area of navigation mainly because of the cost, size and power consumption constraints imposed on the hardware. Satellite based positioning techniques can meet the requirements ...
  • Davidson, Pavel; Collin, Jussi; Takala, Jarmo (2011)
    This paper presents the numerical probabilistic approach to map-matching problem within the framework of Bayesian theory. The proposed solution is based on sequential Monte Carlo method, so called particle filtering. This ...
  • Parviainen, Jussi; Kirkko-Jaakkola, Martti; Davidson, Pavel; Vazquez-Lopez, Manuel A.; Collin, Jussi (2011)
    This paper presents the development of a land vehicle navigation system that provides accurate and uninterrupted positioning. A ground speed Doppler radar and one MEMS gyroscope are used to augment differential GPS (DGPS) ...