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  • Joachimiak, Michal; Rusanovskyy, Dmytro; Hannuksela, Miska M.; Gabbouj, Moncef (2012-08)
    With the widespread interest in 3D technology areas such as displays, cameras, and processing, the 3D video is becoming widely available. Due to correlation between views in multiview 3D video at the same temporal location, ...
  • Aflaki, Payman; Hannuksela, Miska M.; Rusanovskyy, Dmytro; Gabbouj, Moncef (2013)
    Depth-enhanced 3D video coding includes coding of texture views and associated depth maps. It has been observed that coding of depth map at reduced resolution provides better rate-distortion performance on synthesized views ...
  • Aflaki, Payman; Gabbouj, Moncef; Rusanovskyy, Dmytro; Hannuksela, Miska M. (2013)
    Recent developments of three-dimensional (3D) video coding greatly rely on the use of Multiview Video plus Depth (MVD) data format for representing a 3D scene. This type of data can be coded with conventional video compression ...