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  • Ali-Löytty, Simo; Sirola, Niilo; Piché, Robert (2005)
    A filter is consistent if predicted errors are at least as large as actual errors. In this paper, we evaluate the consistency of three filters and illustrate what could happen if filters are inconsistent. Our application ...
  • Korvenoja, Paula; Piché, Robert (2000)
    In order to speed up satellite position and velocity computation, the ephemeris orbit model is approximated by simple curves. Piecewise polynomial interpolation is shown to be appropriate for the purpose, and especially ...
  • Cameron, Frank; Piché, Robert; Forsman, Kimmo (1998)
    For transient eddy current problems modelled as differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) a time integration method suitable for ordinary differential equations (ODEs) will not necessarily work. We present two Runge-Kutta ...